I’ve been offering makeup lessons for some time now, and when I first started, I was surprised to learn what a foreign language makeup is to some people. I’ve been immersed in the beauty community for years now, so the techniques and products and brand names are second nature. But for someone who has no idea where to start, the amount of info available is overwhelming. A hands-on lesson is always good so that you can get specific, customized information pertaining to your needs.

When you book a makeup lessons, you’ll enjoy:

The convenience of learning in your own home

Your own personalized makeup gift bag, including a customized foundation sample (no more guessing your shade!)

1.5 hours of hands-on training where you’ll learn
how to hold brushes, how to apply the makeup, how much makeup to use, and more!

One-on-One + Group Lessons available for $125

Nonrefundable Retainer Required to Book