Working on a Music Video in Colorado

Hello! I haven't written a blog post in a while as I've been out of town doing some work in Colorado. Here's a little write up about that awesome experience!

Singer Lacey Cash was cast as the lead actress in a music video that a local band, Sonic Octane, was filming. I've worked on Lacey's makeup before, and she requested that I come with her to do her makeup for the video. She called me mid-February and asked if I'd be interested... UH, YES! I was so excited and honored that she wanted me to come with her! Robert, band member and producer, agreed to fly me out just for her, so I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

We left Sunday, March 12th and began shooting the following day. The first day was pretty long and was met with some challenges. First, the air in Colorado is incredibly dry, so I had to really adapt my skin prep regimen. I was not aware of the lack of humidity, although looking back it was obviously common sense. I just hadn't even considered it! We definitely weren't in Tennessee anymore, haha. Both Lacey and my's skin lean dry, so the weather really did a number on us. Lesson #1 learned: slather your face in moisturizer and drink a TON of water.
I had also purchased a new foundation palette that was specifically made for HD filming, so working with that was an adaption as well. I am really happy with my purchase, but since it's a cream foundation rather than the liquid Face Atelier I usually use, I really have to warm it up before it will glide on like a liquid, and coverage must be built up slowly rather than all at once.
Then, we spray tanned Lacey... I learned how to spray tan with a big machine in esthetics school, but I'm not an expert at it by any means. Lacey had brought a bottle of tanner with her, so I sprayed her down and well... I got her quite dark. So then it was very hard to color match the tan and I had to spend a lot of time figuring it out. We were running behind. Honestly, I was stressing on the inside but trying not to show it. When on a job, you gotta turn off emotions and just make it work. I finally got her matched, and she looked great! We were filming outside, and the wind made it extremely chilly. Poor Lacey was in shorts, but she made it through!

Our next scene was a little ways away in Longmont at Electric Tattoo on Main Street so Lacey could act out getting the band's emblem tattooed on her. The shop owners were super nice and let me set up at one of their stations. I had to change Lacey's look to a glammed up night look, so I used L'oreal's Amber Rush Infallible shadow for a bit of glitz on the lid, with some smokiness added using Viseart shadows from the 01 palette. I added some lashes, curled her hair, touched up her foundation, and she was good to go. We were all very hungry at this point but we had to finish this scene!

The second day of filming started out at a beautiful farm. This was where Lacey's character ("Kaitlyn") lived. She's a farm girl with an edgy rock star side. The makeup for this was a "just woke up" look, so I lightly applied foundation just to even out her skin tone, added a pinch of color to her cheeks using Ben Nye cream blush, lined her eyes with brown powder shadow, gave her a few swipes of mascara, a Laura Gellar sheer pink lip gloss, and a skin tone wash of shadow on her lids. I wish I looked as good as she did when I "just wake up" ha!

We had so much fun that second day. The production crew was made up of some amazing, talented people. Jake, the director, had a very easy going way about him where he made everyone feel at home yet was able to keep everyone focused and on task. Then there was the other Jake, a film student at Colorado Film School. He was behind the camera filming. He was so sweet and I enjoyed getting to know him and hear him talk about his dreams and passions. He's really going to go far. Sergy, another student, was our audio engineer. He is so funny! The little one liners that came out of his mouth had us cracking up. Addison was on our second camera and was also the Drone controller. I know he got some great air shots on that neat thing! I can't wait to see!

After the farm, we filmed a scene out on some dirt roads and I almost ran out of gas since we were so far from a gas station haha! But we made it back into town, and that day wasn't as long as the first day so Lacey and I got a great sleep that night. We had planned on just taking a nap and going out on the town, but we were so exhausted we just slept right through the night. It was glorious, ha.



The final day of filming was shot at only one location - the Dickens Tavern on Main Street in Longmont. This place was built in 1881 and is said to be haunted! It was really cool seeing and learning about the history of it.

The day was bittersweet. I was so happy that the video was almost complete, but sad because this crew had become like a little family. The production guys and band members were all super chill and great to talk to. We had some really good conversations and I miss them all so much

It was time for one last big breakfast together and then we had to get to work. It was going to be a long but fun day. The start of filming began with Lacey singing a Johnny Cash tune ("Folsom Prison Blues") a capella and she nailed it. Her voice is incredible. I can't get over how great she can sing!


The final scenes were filmed later that night at a concert Sonic Octane was performing at the Tavern. Although we were all very tired, the show was so much fun! I am thrilled to have been a part of this whole experience. I feel like I made some lifelong friends. It's always nice to connect with other creatives since we understand each other on a level others may not get. As a team, we were able to create something wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished product!