Product Spotlight: Viseart 01 Neutral Matte Palette

Viseart shadows are amazing in general, but today I'm going to focus solely on the 01 Palette - the Neutral Mattes.

Yes, the price leaves you with sticker shock ($80 per 12-pan palette)... but I promise you it's worth it. Not only are the shadows incredible, but I like knowing I'm supporting a small business who puts so much love into their products, and has hands-down the best customer service I've encountered. 

I ordered this palette from Camera Ready Cosmetics and put it on rushed shipping specifically so I could have it for two out-of-town events: The Candlelight Ball 2017, and my trip to Colorado for the music video. These events were so huge for me and I needed a palette that was going to make application even easier, so I could be fast and flawless.

But when it arrived, something looked weird... The first two shades in the palette seemed to be identical. I took several pictures and contacted CRC, but the rep I talked to told me that it was hard to tell by the pictures whether or not the palette was faulty. So if I wanted to return it, they would have to send me a return envelope, I would need to send it off, and then they would send me a new one. Well, at this point I had I think 2 or 3 days til the Candlelight Ball and I had no time to do that. So I posted in one of my pro makeup groups for opinions.

Anastasia, who runs the US branch of Viseart, personally commented on my post, apologizing for the faulty palette. She told me to email her so they could get me a new one ASAP. She said to keep the faulty one, and they'd send me a correct one, along with another surprise palette! PLUS, she overnighted it since she knew I needed it before leaving town!

So yes, I had my new Viseart 01 palette, along with a 6-pan Theory palette in Minx, right before I left for the Candlelight Ball and my Colorado trip. I couldn't believe it! I kept the faulty one for my personal makeup, and although I don't wear makeup that often, I use it every time I do. I am beyond grateful to Viseart for being so kind and quick on fixing the situation and they now have my lifetime loyalty!

Now, onto the actual quality of the shadows. Here are the swatches:


The 01 Palette is perfect for everyday wear. You can create a smokey eye from this as well as a totally natural "day time" look. The first two shades are my favorite for transition/crease colors. I also use the red-orange shade for the crease for many of my looks. There's a mix of cool and warm tones which is a definite plus for me! I have done looks for clients using only this palette and nothing else, as long as they're not wanting anything shimmery. I've even used the light brown as eyebrow powder, and you could definitely use it for contour as well. It's incredibly versatile.

They're not as soft or buttery in the pan as say, Lorac Pro shadows are. But I actually prefer that since I don't feel like I'm wasting as much. They do feel silky on my finger when I swatch, though. And the blendability! Oh, it's marvelous. This is going to sound dramatic, but the first time I ever used this, it was like the shadows were doing the work for me. They blended out perfectly with such little effort, and seemed to just go wherever I wanted/needed.

Here's one look I did today:

I just love how soft yet dimensional it looks. There's no harshness from where one shade ends and the next begins. They just belong seamlessly together, and the best part is that I didn't even have to go heavy on the blending!

I am so spoiled now. If I need even warmer shades, I'll still dip into my Modern Renaissance palette... buuuut yeah, Viseart has ruined me. The brand actually came out with its own Warm Mattes palette so if I am able to scoop that one, I might just retire the MR palette out of my kit. I'm trying to downsize as is since I carry so much unnecessary stuff with me "just in case", so I think having a few Viseart palettes on hand could help me achieve that.

I know - I KNOW - the price seems steep. I'm sorry. But it actually breaks down to a little over $6 a shade... that's almost like buying a Makeup Geek shadow, and just a couple bucks more than ColourPop. If you love good quality eyeshadow and supporting small companies who have integrity and work ethic, it's definitely worth the investment.